1st week of food testing completed

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Well I’ve made it to the end of the “setting up” week and I’ve eliminated everything from my diet that is most likely to cause a food sensitivity issue.

So how’s it been?

Well, it’s certainly been a long week.  I started off very enthusiastically but by mid-morning on the first day I wanted a cup of tea more than Alex Salmond wants independence for Scotland.

I felt mean and nasty and by lunch time I had a headache.  This progressed rapidly into a migraine and although I served up dinner for the children I couldn’t face eating and went straight to bed.

Fortunately the migraine was gone by morning and I was able to eat.  But I sorely missed those cups of tea.  They kick start my day and propel me through the morning jobs and as much as I love water it becomes dull when it’s the only choice.

The menu for the week was limited and I mostly ate fruit (apples or pears) for breakfast with cashew or macademia nuts for some extra energy.

Lunch quickly settled into a pattern of fish (haddock, cod or plaice) or turkey steak with roast sweet potato and green vegetables.

I’ve never bought turkey steaks before and they’ve been quite a revelation: lovely drizzled in olive oil and roasted.

I really didn’t fancy salad at all so alternated between courgette and green beans.  I’m not normally a fan of courgettes but a recent trip to one of Rick Stein’s eateries in Cornwall has converted me to them sautéed in olive oil (preferably with lots of garlic but I can’t try that until I’ve tested garlic which is coming up soon).

The biggest problems I encountered during the week were:

  • boredom – there really isn’t a huge lot of choice of things to eat (particularly if like me you have selective taste-buds)
  • feeling grotty and miserable during the first three or four days
  • adjusting to a lack of appetite – I just wasn’t hungry and at times felt like I couldn’t be bothered to eat and literally had to make myself as I was worried I wasn’t eating enough otherwise.

I was tired during the first few days but towards the end of the week felt a renewed surge of energy. I was sleeping really well and was waking up around 6am raring to go.

I feel lighter, actually I am lighter by around 2-3 lbs and am looking forward to adding back all the foods that I’ve taken out.  I get to test two foods a day.  One at breakfast and one in the evening.

Tonight I’m testing broccoli.  I can’t tell you how excited I am to be eating a different vegetable.  Then tomorrow pepper and chicken.

After I try each new food I need to monitor whether I experience any reaction to it eg. headache, fatigue, weight gain.  If there is no reaction I can carry on eating it, but if there is then I am best to avoid it, or retest at a later date.

I’m excited about the week ahead and very curious to see whether any of the foodstuffs I’m most concerned about show any form of reaction.

There’s a part of me that is wondering whether I’ll go through this whole process with no form of response.  But we’ll see.

Next update will be next week.

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