A beautiful bump

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kateSitting watching the brown doors of the Lindo Wing yesterday reminded me of watching the black door of No 10 Downing Street after a general election when the outgoing prime minister packs his bags and departs.

The reporters fill empty airspace with waffle as they desperately think of something interesting to say.

Cameramen zoom in and out of crowds and buildings.

And so it goes on until the moment that crowd, media and viewers are waiting for.

So it was yesterday.  Finally William and Catherine emerged with Baby Cambridge in their arms.

So aside from all the comments on how healthy and gorgeous the new prince looks lets cut straight to the heart of one of the myths of modern childbirth that is perpetuated by celebrities and non-celebrities hand in hand with the media week in and week out.

When a woman has just given birth she still has a bump.

How wonderful to see Catherine proudly displaying that bump, albeit a bit smaller, along with her baby.

If we believe the likes of Victoria Beckham (and I have nothing against VB) then the moment a mother gives birth her stomach snaps back into shape like a piece of rubber.

The pressures on new mums are immense and looking stick thin by the time the placenta is out is an unnecessary one.

OK! magazine appeared on the shelves today and their lead story? Kate’s post-baby weight loss regime.

Leave her alone.  Leave all women alone who’ve just had a baby.  Those precious weeks after the birth are not the moment for a stringent diet or a workout session.  It’s a maelstrom of emotions and bonding with a generous dollop of sleep-deprivation thrown in.

So, top marks to Catherine for a moment of baby reality.  And congratulations too – he does look gorgeous.

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