A massage treat

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It’s the start of my second week on The Fat Burn fitness programme.

The scales and tape measure are telling me that a few changes have taken place and I can certainly feel them.  I’ve ached in places I didn’t know existed and after the lower body workout I had to hold onto the bath and the sink just to get myself on and off the toilet!

I’m told that this is all a sign that my muscles are being used well and this will make them burn more calories and tone up my body, so I’m certainly feeling inspired to carry on.

But just in case I wasn’t I had lined up a couple of treats for myself.  On Friday it was a sports massage with Mel Burns of Maintenance Massage. (Next week it’s a pedicure).

I’ve been to Mel a few times and I think she’s struggled to find any knots or kinks in my muscles to work on.  This time, though, was a different story.

“That feels a bit tight,” she said, pushing what I think was her elbow into my gluteus maximus.  “Aaaagh, yes it is,” was all I could manage in reply as I gripped the edge of the massage table.

But I know if she doesn’t help loosen that muscle my lower back won’t thank me later.

And so it went on: my adductors were tight, so were my calfs and as for my top half, her thumbs found some muscles around my collar bone that have probably lain dormant for 40 odd years and have now contracted hoping not to be disturbed for another 40.  Well I’ve got news for them on that one.

By the end, Mel’s firm but gentle technique had left me feeling relaxed and sleepy but with a lightness I wasn’t feeling at the beginning.

She also reminded me of the importance of stretching  – and I have to admit I have been rushing through some of my stretches.  The minimum you should hold a stretch for is 30 seconds, whereas I was probably making that my maximum.  So I’m going to allow an extra five minutes in my workouts for my stretches from now on.

I’m feeling proud of my achievement for the first week. I did all of the workouts, even when I had a bad cold at the beginning of the week.  I ate fairly healthily, although there’s room for improvement there (more on this next time).  And I feel pampered with my massage too.

Six workouts planned for this week again and then I can sit back and enjoy a pedicure.

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