A new sports bra

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moving comfort-015For many years now I’ve been a loyal fan of Sportjock Sports Bras.  They’ve comfortably supported me through hundreds of running miles. And on top of that they come in a range of colours so I can coordinate them with my various running tops.  I know this is over-attention to detail as no-one can see my what I’m wearing under my running top, but it always makes me feel better.

However when I started Julia Buckley’s Fat Burn Programme her clothing partner Moving Comfort kindly sent me one of their bras to try out.

On first inspection I was very excited: it came in a vibrant pink with a blast of purple around the edges.  We were off to a good start.  But a sports bra is one occasion where comfort takes precedence over aesthetics.  Was it up to the job?

First of all it was very different to what I was used to.  Yes I know it’s just a bra but particularly with running, and any high impact sport, choosing the right bra is very important.

My old Sportsjocks are compression bras ie they squash your boobs against your chest.  They are crop-top style and lined with a soft cotton.

This moving comfort bra (Vero style) is like a conventional bra with a wide three hook fastening at the back.  It uses compression as well but it also has shaping and a little padding around the cups.

I’ve tried it out on several occasions now and I have to say that it’s very comfortable.

When I’m working out with weights ie low impact then either make of bra does the job well.  However the Moving Comfort bra definitely gives more support when I’m running.

Its straps can be criss-crossed over the back to stop them from slipping but I found they didn’t slip anyway so I’ve left them as they are.

It’s a man-made fabric and whilst I prefer the feel of cotton then this one probably wicks away sweat better.  I haven’t worn it on a long enough run to comment on this but sometimes the Sportsjock ones do get quite damp.

Pricewise it’s a similar price to my Sportsjocks (I’ve seen both on the internet for just under £25 although some colour options are reduced to under £20 on the Moving Comfort website when I looked just now) so I definitely think I’ll be adding another one to my collection.

The only negative I have for it (and it’s a small one) is that it’s smaller, more bra-like than a crop tmoving comfort-016op so those small bulgy bits of back flesh look a little more, well, bulgy in this.  But that’s a small niggle and as I don’t plan to go running around the county without a running top covering me up then the only person who knows about that is me.

And you of course.


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