Easy New Year’s Resolutions

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I love the 1st January. There’s this sense of starting again and that a whole new year of possibility is opening up to me.

I also know that by mid-January all those feelings of optimism and resolve will probably have ebbed away. Heck, they can sometimes be gone by the end of the week.

I long ago gave up on grandiose resolutions such as writing a novel in six months or undertaking a massive fitness programme. Don’t get me wrong, I think these are all admirable goals. It’s just that I’m not sure that Jan 1 is the time to be setting them.

I’ve learnt over time that setting small goals is much more achievable and rewarding and that over time small goals lead to bigger ones.

So here’s my resolution:

  1. To be more productive or to put it another way: to faff about less

Now that’s not very precise aand I think all goals should be measurable so that you know whether you’ve achieved them or not. So what it really means is to spend less time on social media and distractions so that the first two hours of my day are spent on meaningful tasks that will get me closer to the things that are important in my life.

To this end I have begun unsusbscribing from marketing emails that land in my inbox each day. You know the ones I mean – the two for one pizza deals and the promotions for my favourite store? They are already dust. It takes just a few seconds to find the unsubscribe link on each email and click through and remove myself from the list. I’m already feeling quite virtuous that I’ll be receiving less email.

The second thing which I’m about to do is to download an app that will allow me to switch off all social media before 11am each day.

And that’s it.

Hopefully with a bit more focus I will spend more time on writing so that the bigger goals of finishing a novel, writing more features, running with the dog and so on will slot into place more easily.

Here’s to a happy and productive new year.


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