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Healthy Lunch
Healthy lunch

I promised a few weeks ago to write about the food I’m eating on Julia Buckley’s Fat Burn Revolution programme.

I thought this was going to be an easy post to write.  I mean I ate pretty healthily before the programme (no sugar, very little refined goods, rarely any alcohol) so this was just going to be more of what I normally ate.

And at first it was.  My only change in the first week was to increase the amount of water I drank and to make some healthy wholesome soups for my lunch (eg. sweet potato and chickpea or spicy lentil and tomato).

I carried on with my bacon sandwiches for breakfast and ate normal dinners with rice, potato or pasta.

But Julia recommends minimising processed carbohydrates (that’ll be the bread and pasta element) and eating more unprocessed carbs (fruit and vegetables – although that doesn’t mean increasing the potatoes just in case you were wondering).

Now I’m the first to admit that I was pretty resistant to this. I mean wholemeal bread and pasta are healthy carbs aren’t they? And with all the extra exercise I’ve been doing I figured I needed the energy.

But Julia seemed to think otherwise.

So I cut a little bit out here and there. I swapped my bacon sandwiches for bacon with saute potatoes, onion and cabbage (which I love incidentally) and I chose potatoes (the new, old and sweet varieties) over pasta and sometimes didn’t have any at all, just vegetables with my meal.

At first I struggled to eat enough and was supplementing with snacks of peanuts, carrot and humus or cheese and raisins.  Then I felt a bit low for a few days, so I started eating a bit more fruit and increasing the vegetables and chucking in a few extra chickpeas and lentils in to my dinners.

And now it feels like it’s all back in balance.  Curiously I feel a little more energetic too. I must admit I’m a bit puzzled by it all.  It throws into question some of my beliefs about food and so I’m going to keep going for the moment and see how I feel.

I’m still going to eat a little bread here and there but mostly I’m planning on eating more fruit, veg and pulses along with my lean protein (chicken, steak, fish etc).

By the way the picture above shows a lunch I had a few weeks ago: chilli with a jacket potato and salad.  I’m eating the same lunch today but I’ve added chick peas into my chilli and I’m having it with an avocado and some salad and without the jacket potato – and it’s just as filling this way.

I won’t say I’m converted just yet but I’m beginning to think this is a healthier way for me to eat.

Next week will see me half way through the programme so I’ll be sharing with you some of the results so far (which I’m pretty excited about).

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