Food sensitivity and weight loss

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Fran Benson

If you’ve been following these last few blog posts then you’ll know that I started a food sensitivity test a little while ago.  If you haven’t read about that then click on this link and work your way forward).

For a while I’ve felt that not all foods agree with me but I couldn’t work out which ones.  Also, bombarded with all the different messages from the media and research it’s so confusing to know what constitutes a healthy diet: no carb, low carb, low fat, high protein, vegetarian, paleo, avoid fruit and so on?

The list is endless and there is always a group of people to advocate each position.  I aim to eat a “clean” diet which means eating food as naturally as possible and avoiding refined carbohydrates, and even though I think this is healthy there is still this question in my mind – is this right for me? And is there anything I could be doing to eat better?

So I started this test with four objectives:

  1. To identify any foods that provoke a food sensitivity reaction
  2. To become more aware of how different foods make me feel
  3. To try some new foods and recipes & finally
  4. To lose the three or four pounds I’d put on during my summer of cream teas and pasties

Although I haven’t finished the test yet  I have already achieved all of the above.  But for today I’m going to talk about the fourth point: weight loss.

Weight Loss

I didn’t have high expectations in this area.  As I’ve mentioned I had put on just a few pounds during the summer months which was a combination of taking on a lot of writing work (which means sitting on my bottom a lot and not moving very much) and eating indulgently on holiday.

But my expectations were also low because since having children my weight settled for a long time around the ten and a half stone mark.  When I worked  out at an intense level with Julia Buckley’s Fat Burn Revolution programme I took off half a stone over 12 weeks to take me to 9 stone 13 lbs and when I did it the second time I went down to 9 stone 8 lbs.

However when I stopped working out so hard my weight crept back up to settle at 9 stone 12 lbs rising again during my summer of excess.

Now it’s important to understand that Julia’s programme changed my body shape (for the better) so actually I was happy at 9 stone 12lbs and that’s where I was aiming for, particularly as I was not going to be exercising at the same rate and I’d resigned myself to believing that my body gives up every ounce of weight grudgingly when I drop below ten stone – believe me it’s hard work.

So, I have now completed four weeks of testing and I have steadily been losing 2lbs a week.  I can’t say it’s been effortless because the first week was hellish.  However since then it’s been pretty easy – although I must admit that as I’ve tested and added in each new food it’s taken me closer to how I was eating before I started – with the exception of milk and those foods that I have yet to test.

I used to find that I could lose a couple of pounds and then overnight three pounds would appear out of nowhere.  I could never understand why that would happen.  Now I’m beginning to believe that maybe it was down to a food sensitivity – in this case milk and possibly other foods that I haven’t identified yet.

I started the test at 10 stone 2lbs and at the end of week 4 had dropped to 9 stone 6lbs – a weight I haven’t seen since my early twenties.

I’m shocked at how those pounds seem to have melted away without me undertaking lots of exercise (I have been running twice a week and doing a little yoga each morning).

I’ve still got a few weeks to go before I’ve tested all of the foods on the list in the book and can’t believe that I will lose any more weight – I certainly have no desire to but equally if I do, as long as it isn’t drastic, I don’t mind.  Well who would?

I’d be really interested to hear of anyone else’s experience in food sensitivity testing.  Have you tried it? Did you find that you were sensitive to any particular foods? Did you lose weight by eliminating them?

Leave me a comment below and let me know about your experience.  Or if you’re interested to find out more ask me a question.





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