Getting fit for Christmas

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Yes I know its way too early to be talking about Christmas, but really I’m not.

This blog, like my fitness levels has taken a bit of a dive over the summer holidays.  In fact it’s fair to say that since I injured my knees in March and had to pull out of the Richmond Half Marathon, exercise has slipped out of my life like a half-remembered dream.

And do I notice a difference? You bet I do.  Just running after the children leaves me breathless and whilst I’ve not put on any weight everything feels squishier and saggier than it used to.

Well it’s all about to change.

Not only am I digging out my running shoes I am also about to embark on the Julia Buckley fitness programme: a 12 week exercise and healthy eating programme designed to tone and sculpt my body.

Mostly I’m hoping to reclaim my abdominal muscles which I believe are buried under the mountain of wobbly fat that’s tucked inside my jeans and haven’t been seen since pre-pregnancy in 2001. Oh, and stop my underams from jiggling whenever I wave goodbye to the children.

It’s a tall order but one that I’m very excited to be embarking on.

The Fat Burn Revolution

Julia Buckley is a fitness trainer and journalist.  She has created this programme which is also being published as a book: The Fat Burn Revolution (Bloomsbury, January 2014).

I (along with several other journalists) am taking part in a pilot run (starting next Monday 16th September) and will be writing about it in a variety of different media.

I’m going to spare you the embarssment of any photos of me on here just yet – although so far I have agreed to supply before and after photos to Julia for her website and also to a popular women’s weekly magazine who are planning a photo diary of my efforts.

And believe me, the thought of scantily clad pictures of me appearing in national press is more than enough incentive to ensure that I follow the programme to the letter so that the after pictures will be far less cringe-worthy than the befores and maybe even ones that I can be proud of.


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