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Every week on the Fat Burn Revolution programme there has been an additional challenge.  Just a little something to give us an extra thing to think about.

Now, whilst I haven’t missed a workout, these challenges have sort of passed me by.  Not because I didn’t want to do them, but just because it was enough to fit the work outs in, tinker with my diet here and there and write it all down.

However back in the first week we were set the challenge of updating our playlist so that we had some good music to listen to while we exercised.

Now, I’ve always loved listening to music while working out.  It can motivate me; make me feel strong and push me to run further or try that little bit harder.

But if I tell you that I’ve run to Jingle Bells on a sunny June morning you’ll understand that the music on my ipod is disorganised to say the least.

So although it’s taken me several weeks I have finally created an exercise playlist.

Here’s my top ten list – in no particular order – of songs that fire me up for running, jumping, lifting weights and general aerobic activity.

1. Through The Barricades – Spandau Ballet. An old one, but a good one. This takes me back to my teens when life was very much ahead of me and full of possibility.  It makes me feel invincible.

2. Empire State of Mind – Alicia Keys. I love this song. Great piano intro and Alicia’s voice makes me want to be a better version of me so this one will always make me want to go that extra mile.

3. Stay Another Day – East 17. This song takes me back to December in the mid-nineties.  I was in Brussels for a meeting and had just arrived at my hotel.  As I walked into my hotel room I switched on MTV and this song was just beginning.  I looked out of the window at the decorations, the lights and the traffic and it’s one of those moments that is etched crystal clear in my mind.  I was excited and happy and as the music finished I grabbed my running gear and went running through the city.  Awesome moment.

4. Running Up That Hill – Kate Bush.  For obvious reasons I love this track when I’m out running.  It also takes me back to a Thelma and Louise moment trekking across Morocco with some girlfriends.

5. Skyfall – Adele.  Adele’s voice and James Bond – it’s a heady combination.

6. Eye of the Tiger – Survivor. What can I say? If there’s an all time top ten of songs that appear on exercise play lists this would probably be on there.

7. Beautiful Monster – Ne-Yo.  I borrowed this one off my son’s playlist and can feel my energy levels ramping up when this comes on.

8. With or Without You – U2.  I have loved this song for many years.  It reaches down to my core and pulls me to another place.  To this I will run faster and do that extra sit up.

9. Maria – Blondie. A great feisty track.

10. Read All About It – Emile Sande. A powerful song and if it’s good enough for the Olympics then its definitely good enough for me.

There you have it. My top ten tracks of the moment.  Although now it’s December it’s time to get the Christmas music on.

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