Squeezing in exercise over Xmas

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Fran Benson and family
Getting ready to party

I’ve got presents to wrap, children to entertain, a house to clean, parties to go to and I haven’t even done my food shop for Christmas yet.

In spite of all that though I am determined to shoe-horn some exercise time into my schedule.

I know exercise and Christmas don’t normally sit comfortably in the same sentence but I want to arrive in 2014 in relatively the same condition as I finished the Fat Burn Revolution Programme two weeks ago.

I know that’s only the space of a month but experience has taught me that a lot can go wrong during the month of December.

I don’t think it’s unachievable but it does require some thought and planning.  Firstly I’ve lowered my expectations. I know that I can’t fit an hour of exercise into most of the days so I’m not even going to try.  But 15 – 30 minutes I probably can.

And for me the easiest time to do this with the children off from school is first thing in the morning before they’ve woken up enough to be demanding.

So I’ve selected my favourite routines and DVDs and I’m doing the shorter versions.  If the kids are quiet and happy then I can always extend it to one of the longer ones, but if not, I’m still happy that I’ve done something.

My favourite DVDs just now are 15 minute Fast Fitness with Jenny Pacey and Wayne Gordon (Body Transformation).  This uses lighter weights than I am used to but it really is a 15 minute routine, so it ticks the box for speed, and leaves me with aching muscles so I know I’ve done something.

Next up is Kathy Smith’s Timeless Step Workout.  It’s probably 20 years since I went to step classes regularly and this is step how I remember it.  It’s a good aerobic workout, doesn’t need much space and I don’t have to leave the house.  On top of that routines are broken down into 10-12 minute segments so I can keep it quick or lengthen it depending on circumstances.

The rest of what I’m doing is made up of some fat burning routines from the programme, yoga, and when the husband is around, a run just to get me out in the fresh air.

It takes a bit of planning and if I don’t get up in time I’ll rope the kids in too.  It is a bit distracting but there enthusiasm is contagious.

They love joining in with yoga although I’m not sure we’ll all fit on that step.


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