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End of round 2 of TFBR

Fran Benson working out in the garden
Me in the garden just before working out

The sun has risen into a cloudless blue sky, there’s a warmth to the day and it feels like it’s bulging with promise.

It’s also the London Marathon today and I’ve just completed my last workout in the 12 week schedule of TFBR. I feel much calmer this time contemplating the last three months.  Before I was exhilarated that I’d actually finished it and also anxious about whether I’d continue with all the good efforts.  So, yes I’m chuffed to have another one in the bag but it feels more like it’s a continuation of something bigger rather than an isolated incident.

I’ve lost another six pounds since the last round taking me to nine and a half stone which I’m pleased with.  I haven’t been this weight since before I had the children.  And as I have PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome) which affects how my body loses weight ie. it finds it very hard, then that makes it even more of an achievement.

I was hoping to see a reduction in my fat percentage levels, and although they have nudged down a little bit I’ve found that my scales fluctuate between 27% and 29% on such a random basis that I don’t know what the real number might be. However I’ve lost three inches from my hips and pulled in my waist a little bit more so the results are there to see.

Again I feel stronger and healthier although I was tempting fate when I wrote my blog post a few weeks ago about my back getting stronger.  No sooner were the words typed than I put my back out and had to miss a week of exercise, followed by one light week and then this last week where I’ve had to skip the “Belly Shred” exercises.  Which is a shame as I wanted to give those abs a blast.  However my back is recovered now and so after a lighter week this week I’ll be back doing the TFBR exercises immediately after Easter along with the rest of my TFBR buddies.

To all those who have just completed TFBR for the first time – yay! Well done!  I’ve seen some amazing results on Julia Buckley’s facebook page (and her website);  it is so inspiring to see how others have got on with it.

I can’t recommend this approach to exercise enough.  Regardless of your size or your age, if you want to get fitter and lose body fat and you either haven’t tried exercise or you’re doing it and not seeing results then give this a go (here’s a link to the book on Amazon – and no I’m not on any commission I just really believe this is fantastic).  Adapt your eating to be healthier and cleaner too and there is no reason why you won’t see the results that others have done.

It really is yours there for the taking.

PS. If you’ve completed TFBR please drop me a comment below with how it’s worked for you – I’d love to hear from you 🙂

A strong core and a strong back

Image of Fran Benson

It goes without saying that I’ve been really pleased with the change in my body shape over the last few months of doing The Fat Burn Revolution #TFBR.

But one of the hidden benefits is how much stronger my back has become.

My back has been weak for as long as I can remember…way back in my teens I had time off school to lie still for a week for a particularly bad episode to get better.  (Fortunately the advice these days is to keep moving rather than lie still).

And it has been particularly bad since having children as my core and overall strength decreased.

My chiropractor told me several years ago that I needed to improve my core muscles to improve my back health.

I half heartedly added a few crunchies and the odd plank into my occasional exercise routine and not surprising didn’t see any difference.

When I first did TFBR I had to be really careful with burpees, deadlifts, bent over rows etc and I soon found that I couldn’t work out first thing in the morning without risking my back.

Interestingly a recent report by the British Chiropractic Association and Sealy beds confirmed my own findings.  Apparently disc injuries are more likely to occur with bending movements in the first hour after waking.

In the first round of TFBR it’s fair to say that initially my back wasn’t too happy about the change in my lifestyle.  However I moved my weight workouts to later in the day to give my back chance to “warm up”, took it easy when I had to and was happily doing heavier weights on dead lifts and bent over rows by the end of the programme.

This time around I’m pleased to say that I’ve been able to move all my workouts back to first thing in the morning.

I get up with enough time to make the children’s school lunches which allows my back to warm up a little and then within 20 minutes I’m into my weights.

I’m a little more careful at this time of day than I would be later and pleased to say that so far I’ve had no issues.

I’m also lifting heavier weights and able to pick up heavier boxes and things that I might have avoided previously.

It’s proof to me that my core and back really are stronger.