The school run

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I like driving Jhaven-5756ack (age 6) and Poppy (age 4) to school in the morning.  It’s always a good time for a chat about the day or anything else that springs to mind and we talk about things we wouldn’t if we were walking or cycling.  It’s only a two minute journey but we get to cover a lot of topics from school to friendships to love and anything else that crops up.

Today’s was a particularly deep conversation.

Jack: “Who would take us to school if you were dead?”

I’m not sure what prompted this question although I was amused that faced with my mortality he was only worried about how he would get to school.

Me: “Daddy would have to take you.”

Jack: “But what if he was dead too?”

Me: “That would be tricky then.”

Jack: “But if Sam (his 10 year old brother) was 17, then he could drive us.”

I liked his thought processing here but felt he was missing the bigger picture.  The one where social services come and take you away to a foster home and then split you up etc.  (Note to self – must get that will sorted). I figured though he could do without this kind of detail so decided to focus on the positive.

Me: “Good thing I’m planning to hang around to see you grow up and have families of your own.” But not wanting to put pressure on them: “Or maybe you won’t have babies, who knows.”

Poppy: “Why wouldn’t we have babies?”

Me: “Well, maybe you won’t want any.”

Poppy: “Why not?”

Hmm I could think of a few reasons.

Me: “Well some people just decide that they don’t want children.”

Poppy: “How do they stop them? Do they have an operation like Cleo (the cat)?”

Me: “Grab your bags it’s time to get out.”

Sometimes I’m glad the journey only takes two minutes.


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