What’s your favourite genre?

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Child reading a book
Child reading

New research into the nation’s reading habits published today has found that the thriller is the UK’s favourite genre of book, closely followed by the detective novel and in third place, fantasy.

And when you think of some of the biggest name authors (Peter James, Agatha Christie and James Patterson for example) and also some of the block buster books from the last year or two  – The Girl on the Train, Gone Girl and Before I go to Sleep – it’s probably not surprising.  I didn’t expect to see fantasy in third place although maybe that’s because I’m a woman and when you analyse the results between the sexes then it drops down into fifth place.

Having said that, I write in the fantasy genre, so I’m pleased to see it up there.

Here’s how the lists look split:


Science Fiction 37%


Thriller/Suspense 31%
Romance 31%

The research was conducted by Explore Learning to mark the final week to enter the National Young Writers’ Award whose deadline is Tuesday 7th June.

Interestingly they also uncovered that seven to 10 year olds love reading the most with 87% of children having asked for a book as a present.  And despite the ever-increasing rising popularity of technology, books are still the nation’s favourite form of reading material which 81% of children aged 4 to 14 choose the read from – twice as many as those who read magazines (41%), comics (37%) and from an iPad or Kindle (35%).

Which I’m heartened to hear.  It’s easy to think that children would rather be building castles on Minecraft or texting their mates all day than losing themselves in a book but it looks like they still enjoy a good story.

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