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Woo hoo! I nailed The Fat Burn Revolution programme

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So the moment that I have been waiting for has finally come. 12 weeks that stretched before me, seemingly endless, have come to an end.

12 weeks of lifting heavier and heavier weights, doing press-ups and racing madly in short burst high intensity sessions. Exercising five or six days a week; most of the time loving it but there have also been days when the hardest part of the workout was getting started, when not doing it seemed like a very justifiable option.

I’m pleased to say though that I never did take the easy option.  There were days when I juggled things around a little bit, or swapped one workout for another days – but one way or another I always did it.

Food wise I made some better choices and I’ve talked about those in a previous post and I will talk about them again at a later date.  But for now, where did this journey take me?

I started off with a body fat reading of 35.4% – which on my 10 and a half stone frame equated to 52lbs of fat (wince).  Blubber that has accumulated over the years and was mostly situated around my middle.  My goal was to get it below 30% and I ended at 29.8% (yippee) which on my lower weight of 9 stone 13 is 41lbs of fat.

So very roughly that means I lost 11lbs of fat and gained approximately 3lbs of muscle.

So what does this mean in the real world? Well I dropped a dress size.  I started off a 12 (although I think my waist would have qualified for a 14 if jeans actually went up that high) and at the end although I kept ordering 12s from Next not really believing that the 10s were going to fit – the 12s were just way too big.

What about my tummy – the reason I started this in the first place? I lost 13cms (about 5 inches) from my waist and although there is still some work to do there I’m beginning to see my abs lurking underneath.

I’m stronger, fitter and healthier that I’ve been in a long time and feeling pretty proud of myself.

So what next? In 2014 I want to see my body fat reduce to below 25%.  So it means I’m going to roll up my sleeves and do the whole programme from the beginning all over again.

I know that some of you are going to join me.  If you’re wondering whether you are going to be one of them I have just this one thing to say to you:


You won’t regret it.

Let me know how you get on.

PS. Here’s a link to the book on Amazon  The Fat Burn Revolution

PPS. I’ve waited till the end to make a decision about including some photos.  These really don’t do it justice as I can’t bring myself to publish the side on pics that really were horrendous before I started.  Maybe if I’m feeling brave I’ll do that after the next round.

Before and after pictures
Before and after Fat Burn Revolution





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